Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates the original speech in real time. This is the most dynamic, fluid kind of interpreting and is appropriate for most events.


This is divided into three types:

Interpretación en cabina

Simultaneous interpreting in a booth

Simultaneous interpreting in a booth is the most suitable kind for large congresses, specialist seminars and/or international meetings with two or more working languages. This system is the most complex technically and is the one that gives the best results because translation is in real time and there is no limit to the number of listeners.

Requires : a soundproof booth with ad hoc sound equipment and the presence of a sound technician.

Ideal for: congresses, symposia, workshops, seminars, etc..

Interpretación simultánea susurrada

Whispered simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage) :

In this case, the interpreter whispers the translated speech to the listener, in real time and without the need for any technical equipment.   


Requires: good sound conditions for the interpreter.


• Ideal for: interviews, visits or short meetings in which all the participants have the same working language except for one or two people.

Interpretación simultánea con Infoport

Simultaneous interpreting with Infoport portable system

The Infoport is a portable and wireless simultaneous interpreting system, which is commonly known as “la valise”.  The equipment includes a simple transmitter with a small microphone for the speaker and headphones for listeners.


Requires: Infoport equipment


Ideal for: small meetings (20 people at the most), guided tours and factory visits in which most of the participants know the two working languages and where it is not possible to use an interpreting booth with a technician.

simultaneous interpreting

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