Advantages of AICE membership

Being a member of AICE entails:

  • Belonging to a professional association of renowned prestige in the interpreting sector in Spain.
  • Belonging to an organisation that defends the interests of interpreters against misrepresentation and unlawful competition, which are detrimental to everyone, both professionals and their customers.
  • Joining an association that strives for excellence in the profession, as well as for professional development and training for its members.
  • Using the association’s structure and infrastructure and receiving professional support (administrative, legal, business relationships, communication and marketing, IT, etc..) to enhance your work opportunities.
  • Enjoying greater outreach and visibility before customers by taking part in the marketing and communication actions carried out by the organisation and members of the association.
  • Working with interpreters with confirmed professionalism which in turn will add value to your own competencies as an interpreter.
  • Belonging to an association governed by working standards, internal rules and a code of ethics that ensure a consistently high level of professionalism.
  • Enjoying the advantages of an excellent internal work schedule planner that will enable you to organise your own agenda more efficiently.

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