Admission procedure

Are you working as a conference interpreter? Would you like to join AICE?


To apply to join AICE you should:

  • Send an application letter to the Chair of the Association
  • Provide documents to confirm your experience and studies related to interpreting
  • Pass the competence analysis, assessed by the AICE language committees
  • Pass a probation period
  • Pass the admission procedure and receive a majority vote at the December AICE General Assembly

If you would like to join AICE you must send an application letter to the Chair of the Association together with a Curriculum Vitae, before the 30th of June of each year.

Once the application has been received, the Board assesses the candidates competences, to see whether he/she meets the following requirements:

• The applicant must prove his/her experience as a conference interpreter regarding the ethical, professional and confidentiality conditions required by the Association.   

• The applicant must have two native languages or two active languages and one passive language.  Applicants with only two active languages may be admitted as members of AICE if they meet exceptional conditions. 

• The applicant must prove he/she has a university degree and a high level of culture.  

If appropriate, the Board will refer the application for admission to the relevant Language Committee in order that it may prove the applicant’s interpreting skills according to AICE’s applicant assessment procedure, and draft the ensuing report.

The General Assembly will use this report to make a decision on the applicant’s admission as a candidate for a minimum period of two years.  

During this period the candidate’s competency will be continuously assessed, and at the end the General Assembly will decide by majority vote whether the candidate may become a full-fledged member.   

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