Technical equipment

If the nature of your event means that you need simultaneous interpreting in a booth, to be sure that the multilingual communication works well, special equipment and a correct installation are necessary.

A soundproof booth with sound equipment, microphones and headphones for listeners are required as well as the presence of a sound technician.

Interpreting booths

Many venues have built-in soundproof booths for interpreting.  If this is not the case, you can hire portable booths. Booths must meet Spanish and European specifications regarding:
  • Dimensions
  • Soundproofing
  • Individual interpreting consoles and furniture
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Ventilation
  • Visibility of the speakers and of any audiovisuals on display in the room
If you need any additional information on technical requirements for the design and/or use of interpreting booths, the following ISO standards can be consulted: Further information on Booth installation and technical interpreting equipment.  Consult your consultant interpreter regarding your technical needs.

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