AICE is an organization of experienced and specialized professional conference interpreters

The association has over 100 professional members, and our mission is to ensure the best possible communication among participants in international meetings. AICE interpreters work in all modalities and platforms, in both face-to-face and remote interpreting.

Conference interpretes

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At AICE, we are dedicated to serving our customers, and our primary aim is to ensure successful communication at your international meeting

interpretación simultánea

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the original speech in real time. This is the most dynamic, fluid kind of interpreting and is appropriate for most events though technically it is more complex.

interpretación consecutiva

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter translates the original message after it has been spoken.

interpretación remota

Remote simultaneous interpreting

La interpretación simultánea remota simplifica la organización que requieran interpretación y ayuda a reducir los costes y la huella de carbono pero conlleva requisitos humanos, técnicos y organizativos.


International prestige

We hold an esteemed position within the Spanish and international interpreting sector.

Defence against intrusion

Our organization is committed to safeguarding the interests of interpreters and standing against intrusion and unfair practices.

Professional excellence

We are devoted to upholding professional excellence within the field of interpreting, as well as fostering the professional growth and ongoing training of our members.

Association infrastructure

Benefit from our association's robust structure and infrastructure, which provides professional support to enhance your work.

Contact AICE, association of conference interpreters

Should you desire to get in touch with AICE, you may use the following link to request general information about the association and its members, or to book an interpreting service.


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