AICE, the Spanish acronym for Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España (Association of Conference Interpreters of Spain), is an organization of experienced and specialized professional conference interpreters. The association has over 90 professional members, and our mission is to ensure the best possible communication among participants in international meetings. AICE interpreters work in all modalities and platforms, in both face-to-face and remote interpreting.

You may rely on AICE to organise any event that requires simultaneous or consecutive translation. AICE interpreters also help you to organise and run virtual conferences, either through remote translation platforms or video-conferencing tools such as Zoom and Webex, among others.

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experience, specialization and comprehensive consultancy services

AICE interpreters also contribute to the protocol and public relations that are so necessary in this ever-changing, globalised world.

AICE interpreters guarantee professionalism, specialisation and confidentiality at all times.

Our association ensures the technical, legal and operational requirements are met at all times, taking into account the distinctive specifications of each organisation, government institution or global corporation.

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